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"What we want to show are the many uses for an old, throw-away container," said SIFE co-advisor Barry Sand about the project, "Containers for a Cause." "We want to introduce people to the versatility - that it can be used for anything from a place to live to a unique workspace."


The converted container will eventually be delivered to 27-year-old Ray Anderson Jr., a quadriplegic man who lives in Hastings.


Ten million shipping containers arrive in United States ports every year, and about 3 million are left to rust in salvage yards. But Sand said there are limitless possibilities for adapting the sturdy, cheap and portable containers into a variety of new uses.


For the past year, SIFE along with community organizations and local businesses, have helped to transform the rusting steel container - once used to transport goods overseas and across highways. The renovated container now includes a kitchenette, bathroom and a bedroom.



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