LOCI Design


Souvenirs from Utopia


In the 21st century the emerging built environment is a melting pot of coincidences and collisions of global, regional and alternative architecture.


 This crucible serves to burn away and combines these architectural motivations into the alloys that we know as the place where we are. Every combination has its strengths and weaknesses.


A new “place” has emerged from this landscape of pluralism and coexisting identities. This concept of “place” born of dynamic rather than static identity and multiple rather than singular societal aspirations is irresistible and seductive in its frenetic fluidity and seeming aimlessness.


This is the environment in which we choose, invest and construct our new identities.


Our environments are made of Utopian ideals in a real world. Our places are an amalgam of partial successes and utterly devastating failures and yet we keep dreaming and trying to improve the human condition.


In fact, to be human is to search for Utopia even if we can only find it in our dreams. We keep dreaming about the Ideal and trying to make it a reality.




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